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How to Mine

Download: Wallet or
AIO Wallet or
Windows Wallet

When you start your wallet you need to put in a strong password (at least 60 characters), or let one create from the wallet. You cannot change the password! In the wallet you will find your BURST address in the left upper corner.

To get your first BURSTs, go to the Faucet, put in your BURST Address You need a plot that was generated for your own account (just like on solo mining)
If the faucet is not working, you can send me a support ticket with your BURST address and I am glad to send you some BURSTs to your wallet.

Point your browser to:

At the bottom ("Set reward recipient") fill in your account secret passphrase (you used to login into your wallet) and

set recipient as:


click submit, then wait for 4 block

Create your plot files according to following instructions:

  1. Mining with Windows Part 1: Plotting
  2. Mining with Windows Part 2: Solomining
  3. Mining with Windows Part 3: Poolmining
  4. Mining with Windows Part 4: Plots optimizing
  5. Mining with Windows Part 5: Solomining with more PCs that point to one PC with wallet
  1. Linux mining guide

How it works (as of July 2015)

  • Minimum payout: 250 BURSTs
  • Pool fee: 1.5%
  • Transaction fee 0.5% (or minimum 1 burst as required by the network)
  • Payment is made when pool has positive balance
  • Share value reduction 50% per block
  • if pool does not find a block (at current round), miner's shares are kept (up to 99 blocks), but their value will be reduced by 50% everytime we don't find a block. As soon the pool has a positive balance, all unpaid shares are summed up and burst payment will be made.
  • Block forward allocation 50%
    if pool has a balance (e.g. 10,000 BURSTs), 5,000 BURSTs are distributed for miners, proportional to their shares up to current the block. This allocation continue until pool balance is drained out. This makes sure that the miners are getting contentiously paid.
  • No Deadline limit
    deadline value from miner is converted into share value using this equation
    share = 1000 / ( NetDiff * Deadline + 1 ) 0.7
    where NetDiff (network difficulty) is calculated as
    Block0-BaseTarget / Block#N-BaseTarget


To prevent miner spamming with low shares, we implemented a share penalty of -0.001 on each submission for miners who submit nonces with higher deadline than their (current round) own best deadline.
The pool will only accept the best deadline for every submitted nonce per round.
If you use the blago's miner, make sure to use sorting is true.

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